Veteran Practitioners

Veteran Practitioners USPTO Registered Patent Agents.
Veteran Practitioners USPTO Registered Patent Agents.

Meet Our Veteran Practitioners

Welcome to VeteransIP, meet our veteran practitioners. Our veterans patent services are provided by veterans. If you would like to join our ranks and provide Pro Bono, or discounted patenting services – contact us. We welcome other intellectual property legal service providers as well.

Carson Patents® Personal Patent Services™

Gregory D Carson

Gregory D Carson is a founding member of Veterans IP. Greg is a USPTO Registered Patent Agent. He has experience in patenting mechanical machinery, biomedical devices, computer imaging, software, wireless, and internet technologies. Greg served in the US Air Force, and is a 30% Service Disabled Veteran.

Through Carson Patents®, Greg has developed a 4 step patenting process to organize and simplify the patent application process. Carson Patents’ 4 Steps to Patenting are:

Carson Patents offers a veterans discount on all patenting services. Check out his practice page: Carson Patents®

AKenny Patent™ US Patent Agent, UK Patent Attorney

Andrew Kenny

Andrew Kenny, Veteran Practitioner, is a volunteer for Veterans IP. Andrew is a USPTO Registered Patent Agent, and a UK Patent Attorney, and a Professional Representative at the European Patent Office. He has experience in patenting products and processes which are electrical, electronic, mechanical and metallurgical. Andrew served in the US Air Force.

Through his practice, Andrew offers services for patents, designs, trademarks, and agreements. Andrew offers veterans a discount on services available through his practice. See his practice page: AKenny Patent™.

What is a Patent Practitioner?

A patent practitioner is a person licensed by the patent office (USPTO) to represent inventions and prosecute patent applications. Patent practitioners are either Patent Agents or Patent Attorneys. The difference is whether the patent practitioner has also passed a state law bar and become additionally licensed as a lawyer.

Volunteers Welcome

Veterans IP welcomes patent practitioner and intellectual property attorney inquiries about providing services. All registered patent practitioners and intellectual property lawyers are welcome.

If you are interested in volunteering to help us here at Veterans IP, please contact us to volunteer.