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Veterans Intellectual Property offers a range of patent services to protect inventions. Often requested patent services are shown in the list below. We are also glad to provide bespoke services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Please contact us for information particular to your requirements.

  • Non Disclosure Agreements – keeping inventions novel before a patent application is filed.
  • Prior Art Searching – finding documentation of similar things from around the world.
  • Patentability Evaluation – reviewing and evaluating the claims of the invention in view of the prior art.
  • Patent Application Writing – the drafting, editing, and preparation of the specification (description, claims, and abstract) and drawings for patent applications.
  • Application Filing – submitting provisional, utility, patent and design patent applications and registered design applications.
  • Patent Prosecution – explaining to a person at a patent office why a patent application should be granted and a patent should be held valid.
  • Professional Representation – before the United States Patent Office USPTO, United Kingdom Patent Office UKIPO, European Patent Office EPO, and International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Office WIPO.