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What is a Patent Practitioner?

A patent practitioner is a person licensed by the patent office (USPTO) to represent inventions and prosecute patent applications. Patent practitioners are either Patent Agents or Patent Attorneys. The difference is whether the patent practitioner has also passed a state law bar and become additionally licensed as a lawyer.

Meet Our Veteran Practitioners

Welcome to Veterans I.P. and  meet our veteran practitioners. Our veterans patent services are provided by veterans.We are glad to provide discounted and pro bono patent practitioner services to veterans, military, and dependents.

Contact Veterans IP for availability. – contact us. We welcome other intellectual property legal service providers as well.

Reg. Patent Attorney

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Reg. Patent Attorney

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Volunteers Welcome

Veterans IP welcomes patent practitioner and intellectual property attorney inquiries about providing services. All registered patent practitioners and intellectual property lawyers are welcome.
If you are interested in volunteering to help us here at Veterans IP, please contact us to volunteer. 

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