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Your money gives Veterans access to patenting attorneys who will guide them in the process and help them succeed in business.


What is Intellectual Property?


Veterans Intellectual Property offers a range of patent services to protect inventions. Often requested patent services are shown in the list below. We are also glad to provide bespoke services to help you achieve the results you're after. Please contact us for information particular to your requirements


A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies products or services from a particular source and distinguishes them from others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity.


A copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to copy, distribute, adapt, display, and perform a creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

*We have a network of over 500 pro-bono or low cost patenting attorneys who volunteer their expertise to help Veterans succeed in the business world.

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Meet Our Founding Patent Attorneys

Gregory Carson

Founder and Reg. Patent Attorney
Gregory D Carson is one of our two founders. Greg is a USPTO Registered Patent Attorney, a California lawyer, an engineer, an inventor, and a service-disabled veteran. He joined the United States Air Force as a Clinical Engineering Officer in 1986, the same year he graduated from the University of Iowa with his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. After two tours (Lackland AFB, and Clark AB, Philippines), Greg was selected for the Air Force Institute of Technologies advanced degree scholarship program and received his M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa in 1991. Greg left the Air Force injured in 1998, but continued to lead and manage new technology development implementation projects and hospital construction projects until starting law school at age 50, in 2013. Greg received his J.D. from the University of La Verne College of Law, in 2016. He has a wide range of experience patenting, from mechanical machinery and biomedical devices to computer imaging, software, and internet technologies. Greg is extremely passionate about being able to provide patent protection to fellow veterans and inventors like himself.

Andrew Pharar

Co-Founder and Reg. Patent Attorney
Andrew is a Patent and Intellectual Property Attorney registered with the USPTO and the California State Bar. His educational background includes a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and doctorate degrees in both medicine (M.D.) and law (J.D.). His intellectual property experience includes preparing utility and design patent applications, conducting prior art searches and reports, and responding to final and non-final USPTO office actions. He also prepares and files 30-40 trademark applications per month.
Patent Attorney AKenny Patentm

Andrew Kenny

Reg. Patent Agent,
Andrew Kenny, Veteran Practitioner, is a volunteer for Veterans IP. Andrew is a USPTO Registered Patent Agent, and a UK Patent Attorney, and a Professional Representative at the European Patent Office. He has experience in patenting products and processes which are electrical, electronic, mechanical and metallurgical. Andrew served in the US Air Force. Through his practice, Andrew offers services for patents, designs, trademarks, and agreements. Andrew offers veterans a discount on services available through his practice. See his practice page: AKenny Patentâ„¢.
Chuck Tyler CEO of Veterans Intellectual Property

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