Fund Raising

Veterans Intellectual Property is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) charity. We offer services to help veterans protect their inventions with patents. Although our practitioners’ service is greatly discounted or without charge to our client veterans, there may be other expenses such as official Patent Office fees. Most importantly, when funds are available in Veterans IP they are used to reduce or eliminate the expenses of patenting services to veterans. If you would like to contribute to Veterans IP, please consider these options. Thank you.

PayPal Giving Fund

A fund for charities kindly set up by PayPal. Here is a link to donate to the fund for VeteransIP.


Veterans Intellectual Property is listed as a charity on You can select Veterans Intellectual Property from the list of charities and start a campaign. If you are a veteran you can your own campaign. If you are not a veteran, you can still start a campaign. Here is a link to sign up if you are not already on GoFundMe

Great NonProfits

Veterans Intellectual Property is listed on Here.

Thank you! 100% of contributions are used to pay fees incurred for veterans’ patents.

Veterans IP